Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Well fellow bloggers, today was an organising day in the Hall/Reid household. I'm the type of girl who needs lists to get anything done around the house or in life for that matter. I have bits of paper all over with lists on, well today was the day I decided to banish the lists on random bits of paper and place them onto the computer, print them, then laminate the ones I want to reuse. Hard work you may be thinking, but it has been so therapeutic typing all my lists up and making them pretty, I have also started work on a household binder, but that's a work in progress. If anyone would like to see my lists please just ask and I will upload them.

Images of the binder will be coming as soon as I have finished

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Wish List

These are the four things this month I wish I had in my life, but the pennies just aren't their to acquire them 'sad face' the joys of having two boys but totally worth it.
1. Iron Fist Night a light platform shoes - how gorgeous are these shoes, they would go perfectly with a dress I purchased last may. (£30.00)
2. Iron Fist foxtrot handbag - absolutely love this bag, with its skull tattoo style design, it is simple but vintage looking, its also big enough  just to pop some nappies and wipes etc. in for the little man when were just nipping out. (£54.99)
3. Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Lovebirds Changing Bag - Need this in my life (although I always say to Jayden, you don't need, you would like 'hehe') but how perfect is it, I always wish I had of purchased a decent changing bag when Jayden was born but instead bought a cheaper one which didn't last very long. This changing bag is girly yet okay for the other half to use when out and about BUT (and I mean a big but) is pretty darn expensive. (£79.00)
4. Amazon Kindle HD - Now, believe it or not I have never read  a book in my life, I have dyslexia and I also have Irlen syndrome which makes it hard for me to read, then this little gadget came along, I have heard that you can change the colour of the book pages to black or a sepia tone (please correct me if I'm wrong though), which would benefit me greatly as I miss not being able to read all the books my fellow friends are reading and talking about, I missed out on the fifty shades of grade hype also (sad face). So I really want to give this gadget a go and see if I can finally read a book at the age of 22 (embarrassed much).

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

'' Nervous ''

I love reading other peoples blogs, so thought I would start one of my own. I'm a little bit nervous (bites lip) so hope you enjoy getting to see the day in the life of little old me.